“While the book publishing industry has been profitable for most publishers during the last 12 months, there are no guarantees.  E-book sales growth is trailing off, and printed book volumes continue to decline. There remains however lots of opportunities to free up capital that is still trapped in returns by making the book manufacturing process more efficient, by redirecting and deploying that capital in more effective ways including towards promotion and marketing. This conference should be the 2014 pinnacle of thought leadership on all these issues in the book publishing business.”

- Marco Boer
IT Strategies, Inc.

“The Digital Book Printing Conference is the one and only event where you can learn and network with executives from all across the publishing ecosystem about the technological and business-building benefits to a digital book printing strategy. Many industry gatherings seem to focus on the challenges and hurdles faced by today’s publishers and printers. This event is all about opportunity. How do we cash in on the burgeoning digital book printing market? Join us – and find out how many of your colleagues are already doing so.”

- Matt Steinmetz
Book Business Magazine

“Over the past several years significant change has taken place within the book manufacturing platform enabled by the extraordinarily rapid advance of Workflow, digital print and finishing technologies.  These new technologies ENABLE change but true advancement in our industry did not take place until the Publishers utilized the new print platform to improve and enhance their business results.  We are beginning to see that change in large scale and it is time to begin looking at and discussing the next wave of technology change which the Book Publishing supply chain will use to drive new opportunities.  These are the kinds of Industry leading discussions you will hear at the  Digital Book Printing Conference in October in New York City and Xerox as an industry leader is both supporting and participating.”

- John Conley
Xerox Corporation